Podcast Reviews: The Classic Tales Podcast

The Classic Tales Podcast, by B.J. Harrison 

This is a great podcast if you like older, classic books. Mr. Harrison has an excellent and distinctive reading voice, giving each character a different sound and varying the cadence of his voice to the events and emotions in the story, while keeping an overall calm and level tone. He reads both short stories and longer works, all public domain, mostly from well known authors.

Currently, I am listening to The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, which is split up into seven parts. Since this is a secular podcast, there is no guarantee that the stories will be appropriate—recently there have been some horror/monster tales that I skipped, because I’m not fond of that genre. On the other end of the spectrum is The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, which I let all my siblings and cousins listen to.

Mr. Harrison also sells audio recordings at his website, so each episode begins with a couple minutes of advertisement. This does not bother me, since the episodes are generally about an hour long. Only a certain number of back episodes are available, but if you subscribe to the podcast, you can save any episode you might want to listen to again.


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